Our Staff

Our Staff

In Italy


Patrizia SALIERNO, President.

Benedetta LAURICELLA, Project Manager.

Diana Maria PARTINI, Sponsorship Project Responsable.

Mariella FENOGLIO, Sponsorship Project Responsable.

Teta Yvette NYIRIDANDI, “Aster” Project Responsable.

Administrative Office:

Maria Grazia FALCHI, Accountant.

Studio Nevio Bianchi, Consultant.

Dott. Giuseppe Teti, Fiscal Consultant.


Irene BOREGGI, Maria Pia MORGILLO, Livia RECCHI e Bernadette RIGAUD.


In Rwanda


Valens NYAMUCAHAKOMEYE, Country Director – Lawyer.

Valerie MUKABAYIRE, Responsible and coordinator of the activities of the Amahoro Nursery School-ex-teacher and ex-vice-prefect in the municipality of Kigali.

Jean Louis NKUBITO ( Fils), orphan of the genocide and sponsored by the association until the end of his studies. Today, Fils himself is the Head of the Sponsorship Project activated in the Amahoro Nursery School.

Jacqueline UWITONZE, Sponsorship Project Manager in Kigali.

Philomene UWERA, Sponsorship Project Managerin the Eastern Province.

Venant MWISENEZA, Entrepreneurship Trainer and Income Generating Business Tutor.

Our teachers (graduates in Pedagogy):

Amahoro Kindergarten: Odette BAYISENGE, Aurelie IRYUMUREMYI, Christine KAKUZE, Rosette NSHUNGUKAZI, and Jacqueline NYIRAMINANI, Vestine UWIMANIDUHAYE, Josiane UWIMANA, assistant teacher and after-school manager for former pupils of the Amahoro Kindergarten.

Kibaya Kindergarten: Clementine UMUGWANEZA.

Our collaborators:

Domitilla MUKAMUSONI, Head of the Ludoteca and of the application of the Montessori method in the Amahoro Nursery School – Pedagogist.


Jeanne NYARAHABIMANA, Accountant.


Kicukiro District – Kigali Province

Ngoma District – Eastern Province

AVEGA , Association founded in 1995 and present throughout the national territory. The Association helps the widows of the genocide with projects of legal, socio-economic assistance and psychological and health support.

SEVOTA (Solidarité pour l’Épanouissement des Veuves et des Orphelins visant le Travail et l’Auto promotion), Rwandan Association, founded in 1994, which has as its main objectives the promotion of the culture of peace and reconciliation of the Rwandan people, the fight against poverty and the promotion of children’s rights. Since 1998 it has been present throughout the national territory, organizing psychosocial activities and supporting the economic and social reintegration of women victims of strong social discrimination.

UMUSEKE , local NGO founded in 2000, 6 years after the genocide, to educate Rwandans for peace, especially young people. Every year the association raises awareness among about 4,000 people aged 10 to 20 and trains teachers. Umuseke is also present in Congo and Burundi, where it organizes the same peace education programs.