The Association

The Association

Progetto Rwanda Onlus was born in 1998, just a few years after the end of the genocide against the Tutsi, the tragedy that shook Rwanda in 1994, marking one of the most dramatic and darkest pages of the twentieth century.

The purpose of the Association, which is based on the voluntary work of its founders, is to promote projects in those sectors of intervention that it deems of particular importance, such as the promotion and protection of childhood, the defense of rights, dignity, and freedom of choice for young people and women who live in particularly difficult situations. Therefore, since its establishment, the commitment of the Association has been mainly aimed at:

  • Encourage schooling for the largest possible number of children and young people living in the poorest areas of Rwanda, through Sponsorship Project, active in various areas of the country.
  • Fighting school dropout, child labor, and malnutrition of children, through the creation of School Canteens in Kibaya and Kicukiro, which have been active for years now, offering a complete meal to thousands of children every day.
  • Support Micro Entrepreneurship projects, with the consequent creation of income-generating activities, for the empowerment and autonomy of women in highly vulnerable situations.

All projects are designed, implemented, and monitored by local staff, in collaboration with the district authorities.

Progetto Rwanda Onlus collaborates with numerous local associations and since 2014 it has been recognized by the Rwandan Government as an International Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

In Italy, it adheres to the National Coordination for Distance Support “La Gabbianella Onlus”.