Amahoro Nursery School

Current Projects

Amahoro Nursery School

Current Projects

Amahoro Nursery School: a response to the needs of young mothers and women who live in situations of great difficulty

In 2013, the educational offer of the House of Peace and Reconciliation was expanded with the opening of the Amahoro Kindergarten (Peace in Kinyarwanda), created to respond to the many requests of the poorest families in the area – the District of Kicukiro – reported a Progetto Rwanda Onlus by local institutions. Here, as indeed throughout the country, there is an absolute lack of public nursery schools and the few that exist are private and paid. The project was therefore born from the desire to meet the many families who cannot bear those costs but who strongly desire to give their children an important educational opportunity. Furthermore, young mothers struggle to take care of their children and, at the same time, to go looking for a job, which has the consequence that their children spend most of their time alone without any protection, very often increasing the phenomenon of street children.

The Amahoro Nursery School currently welcomes 90 children, aged 3 to 5, divided into 6 classes, 2 sections, for each age level: Baby class, Middle class, and Top class.

The school is highly qualified both for the training of the teaching staff – the teachers are not only all graduates in pedagogy but have also followed a training course on the Montessori Method, particularly qualified and suitable for that difficult context – and for the services it offers, which:

  • breakfast, which children receive as soon as they enter school;
  • lunch, in order to offer them all a complete and nutritious meal every day;
  • the playroom, managed by an educator who welcomes the children for two afternoons a week, thus extending their stay in a safe and stimulating environment;

After school, whose teacher welcomes children who find it difficult in their new course of study, going from the Amahoro nursery school to the first grades of elementary school;

Health monitoring, through a nursing service that checks the health of children on a weekly basis.

Finally, our Sponsorship Project is active through which children can be supported starting from the last year and then throughout their schooling in the Rwandan public system.


  • with 10 euros you can buy a school uniform
  • with 50 euros you can guarantee one meal a day for a child, for one year
  • with 20 euros you can guarantee breakfast for a child for a year
  • with 50 euros you can contribute to the purchase of school supplies for 5 children for one year.
  • with 200 euros you can guarantee a teacher’s salary for a month
  • with 450 euros you can guarantee the salary of a cook for an entire year
  • with 7,200 euros you can support an entire class, i.e. 15 children, throughout the school year